05.25.2013 21:58

Behind the scenes at Google IO

Google I/O was a totally insane experience for me this year. I got a substantial amount of my sleep for the week on mass transit or a bean bag in the speaker prep area. I know a lot of the teams are working hard on sharing more of the how it was done. I wanted to share a couple more images and some more of what I've been up to now that I have had a chance to sleep some.

First some general team news. I've moved offices this week. Before, I was sitting with the amazing imagery ingest team that handles bring in and processing all that amazing satellite and oblique imagery along with the terrain. I am still working with them, but I am now sitting with the Geo Outreach and Earth Engine Teams. For the first time since joining Google full time, I get to sit next to the other two full time Ocean team members. Woot! At Google, we do an amazing amount over VC, but there is nothing like just being around the team. We're never going to be able to get all the 20%ers who contribute to Oceans to be physically located in the same area. We're just too diverse a bunch.

And now, two pictures from IO. The first was the lineup outside Moscone West the day before the conference started. I was over from the SF office to do a "tech check" of the room. We tried out the slides on the actual projectors and made sure we were all comfortable with the on stage setup.

The cloud team was deploying hundreds of sensor datalogging notes throughout the three floors of the conference area. I've never seen so many sensor nodes before.

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05.21.2013 10:44

Processing and visualizing {ship/sensor} data - the matched set

In case it wasn't clear, I'd like to re-iterate: These talks are not meant to be about ships. We want to you to think about YOUR data when watching these videos. If your data is AIS, then that's a lucky match, but we don't expect it. We want YOU to go forth, process lots of data and build amazing visualizations and analyitics systems that meet your needs (be they local or global). We think that AIS ship tracking makes a great example use case with many interesting stories that can be told with the data that give us chances to demonstrate techniques and strategies.

Brendan Kenny: "Google I/O 2013 - Google Maps + HTML5 + Spatial Data Visualization: A Love Story"

Francesc Campoy, Kurt Schwehr and Mano Marks: "Google I/O 2013 - All the Ships in the World: Visualizing Data with Google Cloud and Maps"

Jenifer Austin Folkes - Google I/O 2013 - Dive Into Underwater Street View

Amy Unruh and Kim Cameron: "Behind the Data Sensing Lab - Gathering, Processing and Analyzing Data at Scale using the Google Cloud Platform"

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05.20.2013 10:38

Massimo di Stefano - Ipython Notebook for GIS

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05.20.2013 10:25

UK Hydrographic Office 5 minute video

Thanks to GeoGarage for linking to this 5 minute video about the UK HO.

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05.18.2013 13:22

Cat nap

Cleaning out the email this morning, I ran into older images from our web cam. The rough life of our cat... we'd had him for 8 months at this point. Terrible quality with this webcam, but it was cheap and uses wifi.

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05.17.2013 13:24

All the ships in the world at Google I/O

We are still in the process of getting the talk videos out, but here is a start. I'll flush out this list as the related videos are published.

Google I/O 2013 - All the Ships in the World: Visualizing Data with Google Cloud and Maps

Google Cloud Platform - Google App Engine, Google Compute Engine, Google Cloud Storage, Google BigQuery, Google Cloud SQL and our many APIs (Maps, Terrain and many more).

Related Maps: Related Cloud: I would like to thanks SpaceQuest / Analyze and NOAA SBNMS for providing such exciting data for the demonstrations!

SpaceQuest / Analyze

NOAA Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary (SBNMS)

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05.15.2013 19:42

Navigation Aids in Portsmouth, NH

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05.15.2013 17:01

Tug and barge going under the SF Bay Bridge

Our talks on ships at Google I/O are tomorrow.

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05.15.2013 14:32

Google API python client for fink on Mac OSX

To go with Google I/O and our Cloud Infrastructure talk "All the ships in the world," I've added oauth2client, uritemplate, gflags, and google-api-python-client to fink on Mac OSX 10.7/10.8. This lets you use OAuth2 to access Google REST APIs.

For example:
from apiclient.discovery import build
import apiclient.errors

from oauth2client.client import flow_from_clientsecrets
from oauth2client.file import Storage
from oauth2client.tools import run

storage = Storage('taskqueue_oauth.dat')
credentials = storage.get()
if not credentials or credentials.invalid:
  flow = flow_from_clientsecrets('client_secrets.json',
      message='can not find client secrets')
  credentials = run(flow, storage)
http = credentials.authorize(httplib2.Http())
service = build('taskqueue', 'v1beta2', http=http)
tasks = service.tasks()

print tasks.list(project='s~my-appeng-project', taskqueue='myqueue')

You can now install bigquery and gsutil (Google Cloud Storage) tools from fink.
fink selfupdate
fink install bigquery-py27 gsutil-py27
There were a number of packages that I had to add to fink behind the scenes and I updated boto.
fink list -i oauth2client gsutil bigquery crcmod google-api-python boto socksipy google-apputil uritemplate

 i   bigquery-py27           2.0.12-1          BigQuery database access
 i   boto-py27               2.9.2-1           Python interface to Amazon Web Services
 i   crcmod-py27             1.7-1             Cyclic Redundancy Check
 i   google-api-python-clie  1.1-2             Access Google APIs via oauth2 and discovery
 i   google-apputils-py27    0.3.0-1           Google command line utility helpers
 i   gsutil-py27             3.29-2            Google cloud storage access
 i   oauth2client-py27       1.1-1             Client library for OAuth 2.0
 i   socksipy-py27           1.02-1            TCP interface to SOCKS4, SOCKS5 or HTTP proxy
 i   uritemplate-py27        0.5.2-1           RFC6570 up to level 4

/sw/bin/bq version
This is BigQuery CLI v2.0.12

/sw/bin/gsutil version
gsutil version 3.29

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05.14.2013 19:09

SF Fire Boat

The San Francisco fire department has their fire boat parked right in front of the Google SF offices. I had to wait for afternoon light, so I could capture a decent image.

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05.14.2013 15:18

Pre-Google I/O ships - Hornblower hybrid ferry

I don't know anything about the effeciency of these hybrids, but they have an interesting look with their wind and solar power setups. This image is from a trip several of us made to Angel Island and Alcatraz last month.

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05.14.2013 12:12

Google I/O this week

I've been doing a photo stream of ships in leadup for Google I/O this week. My blog takes substantially longer to post to than to just use G+, so I've neglected the blog. I'll try to catch up today.

Here is a picture from the 6th floor of the Google SF office of a small work boat heading under the SF Bay Bridge. I snapped this picture when I got to the office, but it's too bright to work near the windows with the morning light reflecting off the bay.

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05.05.2013 09:32

Pilots taking ships through the great barrier reef

Via GeoGarage, this is a pretty good article about pilots taking ships through tough areas. Pilots or no-pilots, accidents do happen.

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05.04.2013 20:16

Oceans at Google I/O 2013

If you've wondered why my blogging has decrease for the last while, here is one of several of the reasons. I've been working hard on material for Google I/O. I am super excited that we will be sharing examples of how to work with geospatial ocean data at Google IO. We built some demonstrations using AIS data show of quite a few of the cloud services that Google offers. I look forward to hearing how the community uses these features and what kinds of data they are working with!

Not going to be at the conference? Check out Google I/O Extended events worldwide

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